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Goga Yoga Studio offers non-traditional Goat Yoga classes across the UK. Goga Yoga wasn’t anticipated.  There were no business plans or focus groups to point the way.  It's journey began in 2022 when Founder, Georgina led her first Goga class for a bit of fun!  Those initial classes led Georgina to understand that she was essentially ‘farming happiness’ by delivering animal-assisted therapy in the form of attention seeking goats and rural vistas.  


While yoga is something that can be truly beneficial for both the mind and body, it’s not something everyone can get onboard with. Many find it difficult to switch off and find their zen – their mind wandering, getting distracted by even the smallest of things.

But what if getting distracted was half the fun? That’s right, it’s time to do your downward dog a little differently… with goats. This trend is a little different, but its here to stay!

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